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Meet 2012 Research Fellow, James Feeney, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


Major Areas of Research Interests

Recent Publications/ Presentations

  • AAC as Literacy: Helping Learners Navigate Social & Literate Worlds. Two-hour seminar presented at the 2007 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Boston, MA. Free registration for the conference was awarded due to the quality of this submission.
  • Literacy strategies for learners with complex communication needs: Integrating assistive technologies and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices. Half-day seminar provide to the Capital Region BOCES, March 28, 2008.
  • The Role of the SLP in Meaningful Literacy Assessment and Intervention. Ninety minute seminar presented at Columbia University, Teachers College, March 4, 2008.
  • From Theory to Practice: Understanding Everyday Literacies of Adults with Intellectual Impairment Who Use AAC. Paper accepted for the 2008 International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Conference in Montreal, Canada.
  • Literacy Learning in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults: Practical Projects and Ideas for Assessment and Intervention. Three-hour mini seminar to be presented with Dr. David Koppenhaver at the New York State Speech-Language Hearing Association’s Annual Convention. April, 2006.
  • Apprenticeship in Literacy Learning: Teaching Students How to Think. Ninety minute seminar presented at the Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association, 10th Annual Symposium. San Francisco, California March 10, 2006.
  • Literacy, Self-Advocacy, and AAC: A Collaborative Project-Oriented Approach. Ninety minute seminar presented at the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Biennial Conference, August 3, 2006. Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • Literacy in Children & Adolescents: A Collaborative & Integrated Approach Two-hour seminar accepted for presentation at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s national convention. Miami, Florida. November, 2006.
  • Integrating AAC and Assistive Technologies in Everyday Routines. Ninety minute seminar to be presented at the New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference. April 28, 2006.

Clinical Service Delivery

As Coordinator of the Pauline K. Winkler Speech-Language-Hearing Center at Saint Rose, I oversee daily operations of the clinic including policy development, assistive technology assessments and intervention planning, program development, supervision of up to 10 licensed and certified speech-language pathologists. Responsible for up to 20 graduate students participating in first graduate clinical practicum

Professional Development

Regular attendance and presentations at the ASHA convention since 1998.

Professional Related Service Activities

Educational Consultant

School and Community Support Services, Albany, New York. Consult to local and regional schools, agencies, and private practitioner serving individuals with communication, language, literacy, and assistive technology needs. Provide in-context coaching, comprehensive assessments, educational opportunities, and program development services to teachers and support staff working with individuals with cognitive-communicative challenges. May 1997 to present.

Clinical Fellow/Program Director

New York State Neurobehavioral Resource Project. Coordinate training, development and direct implementation of intervention plans for persons with traumatic brain injury. Program funded by a grant from the New York State Department of Health. May 1997 to present.

You may visit Dr. Feeney’s website by clicking here.