Advisory Board

Richard T. Pulice, Director – Social Work
John Zogby, Zogby International, Special Advisor to the Institute

Stephanie Bennett – Sociology
Michael Bologna – Counseling
Nancy Dorr – Psychology
James Feeney – Communications Disorders
Charles Finn – Business
Joanne Powers – Mathematics
Klaas SchilderGGZe, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Theresa Ward – Special Education
Ann Zeeh – Biology

David Szczerbacki, Provost
Richard Thompson, Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences
Colleen Thapalia, Graduate Admissions

Community Members
Anthony Falco, Rehabilitation Support Services, Inc.
Joseph GossSeton Health Systems
Lorraine McMullinMHANYS
Steve MiccioPEOPLe, Inc.
Marian Schwager
John Tracey
William J. PhillipsOASAS
Fred ErlichLiving Resources, Inc.
Donna LamkinCenter for Disability Services, Inc.

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